An introduction to Decléor skincare

Decleor full collection skincare samples

Decléor skincare

If you have yet to come across Decléor, where have you been?! The skincare brand has been around for an impressive 40 years and focuses on creating aromatherapy skincare. I was lucky enough to be invited down to the launch party for their Notting Hill spa and shop, and while I was there I picked up quite a few minis to try, so I thought I would share them, as well as a run down of the event, in this post.

There were a few exciting things going on during the event, including a pick and mix bar, engravings and facials and massages! I managed to get a bottle of facial oil engraved* (more on that below) and picked up lots of minis* at the pick and mix bar. There was quite a long wait for facials and massages, so I didn’t get to experience one of those, but I’m sure they were amazing (especially because the Decléor products smell amazing).

Decléor skincare engraved hydrating oil

My engraved hydrating oil

How sweet is this, I don’t think I’ll have the heart to throw the bottle out when I’ve used it all up, in fact I’ll probably pop it in my memory box so I can keep it forever!

Any of you who have read my blog for a while will know how much I love a good facial oil and this is quickly becoming a favourite. It has a distinctive herby scent to it, which really reminds me of having a hydrating facial, and it sinks into my skin really easily. I tend to use 5-6 drops of this and leave it on overnight to work some magic.

My skin is really loving this, it’s great for keeping skin hydrated and when I wake up in the morning I’m left with super soft skin.

Decleor intense nutrition lip balm

Nourishing lip balm

I have about 30 lip balms, and I still keep buying and collecting them because I love having a variety of formulas to hand (sometimes I want something thick, sometimes I want something light). This one is quite hard, which means when you apply it, it’s a really light balm, which is a bit confusing as the name suggests it would be a bit more nourishing!

Maybe if this was in a tube I could get more out of it to use each time? For now I’m having to dig a bit out each time, which isn’t very hygenic, but the balm itself is nice and works into my lips nicely. This is probably something I’ll keep in my bag for touch ups on the go, I’ll stick to using Dr Lipp overnight because I don’t think this is thick enough to work any miracles.

Decleor Aroma Cleanse range

The Aroma Cleanse range

I love having a good cleansing routine down, so naturally when I saw the Decléor Aroma Cleanse range I just had to get as many samples as possible to really test it out. I’m going to try to save some of these samples for when I’m next travelling (which will be in exactly a weeks time – eek!) but I have tested them out a bit so I can share my thoughts.

The cleansing milk is great for a fuss-free cleanse, but I would only use this if I had had a no-makeup day as when I wear makeup I like to go for a deep cleanse to make sure it’s all removed. The tonifying lotion smells lovely and was really calming on my skin – thinking this will be perfect for hot weather when my skin feels like it needs a cooling treat.

I have yet to try the cleansing mousse, but as it’s focused on hydrating I’m sure we will get on. It will be coming on holiday with me, so I will share my thoughts then (keep an eye on my Instagram Stories for updates and mini reviews – @AlbertineSarah)

Decleor skincare hand cream

Hand cream

Much like my lip balm addiction, I just cannot resist the opportunity to add to my hand cream collection. I always have a tube in my bag, and when I find a good one it goes everywhere with me. This is definitely one of the good ones, it’s fragranced beautifully and sinks in so quickly, it leaves hands feeling soft and hydrated rather than tacky.

So there are some thoughts on what I have already tried from Decléor. There are some eye creams and a glow boosting serum I haven’t written about in this post because I want to really test them before sharing my thoughts. I’ll most likely bring them on holiday with me, so keep an eye out for an update afterwards!

You can shop the range here

*PR Samples