Why every gal should treat themselves to a blow dry

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Treat yo self to a blow dry!

Every once in a while (and by every once in a while I mean on a weekly basis) I feel burning desire to treat myself to something that I definitely don’t need, but that makes me feel like a glamorous lady of leisure who’s only concern is how Bella’s planning to decorate her living room this Autumn.  Now, when it comes to treating myself, there are many ways I like to do it, but my all time fave is to get a cheeky blow dry. 30 minutes, maximum 45, and I’m heading out of the salon swishing my shiny locks and feeling extra AF!

Working, and living, in London means I rarely have a spare minute, but when I book in for a blow dry it gives me a precious slot of time in my day when I can totally relax, chat away about the latest reality TV drama or flick through a trashy magazine (and find myself randomly getting invested in Z-list celebrities lives).

I’m fickle as anything when it comes to where I get my blow drys done, I love discovering new salons and last week I decided to make a trip to Hackney to visit the newly opened RUSH salon there. I’m pretty sure I picked THE worst day to get my blow dry done…torrential rain isn’t exactly freshly-styled-hair friendly, but nevertheless I really enjoyed my visit there and I was in and out of the salon within 45 minutes with perfectly styled hair.

RUSH salon Hackney snacks

Making the most of your blow dry

If you’re going to take the time to treat yourself to a blow dry, you HAVE to go all in! For me, that means complimentary snacks (RUSH provided chocolate, I know SHOW provide popcorn) and hot/cold drinks, preferably something alcoholic like an ice cold glass of Prosecco!

I also love it when there’s some good reading material available at the salon, I’m talking hot off the press magazines, not a sticky copy of Grazia from 2014…

I really like to make the most of my time at a salon, so you’ll always find me nose deep in a copy of Glamour with a snack in one had and a glass in the other, it’s the only way to do it.

Redken Keratase blow dry products

Ask for body in your blow dry, not curls

Not going to lie, I hate being asked how I would like my blow dry done because I never really know what to answer! Apparently saying ‘you know, some curls, but not actual curls, just some movement to it in a…umm…natural way? That doesn’t look too done?’ isn’t a proper answer so I’ve learnt to confidently say ‘Give me some body’ as a reply instead. That way, I leave with a natural wave to my hair that doesn’t look too done but also doesn’t look as boring as my hair does when I normally do it myself.

I’m also the most nosy person when I’m having my hair done, I have to know exactly what they’re using and why. The above products were used at RUSH for this blow dry finish and I have to admit I’m impressed with the results! I’ve decided I need the Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry primer in my life ASAP, especially because I try to stretch my blow drys out over at least three days (partly because I hate washing my hair, partly because I can’t do good blow drys myself at home).

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Hair you’ll fall in love with

I honestly believe a good blow dry is transformative for your mood. It instantly makes me feel good and I can’t help but take lots of photos of the finished result. If you’re looking for something to treat yourself to this week, book yourself in for a blow dry, I’m certain you won’t regret it!

Ps. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, get yourself on Groupon. They have some brilliant deals on blow drys, my local salon does a cut, conditioning treatment and blow dry for just £29, what a steal!

  • I’ve not had my hair done professionally in SO LONG and this post has made me desperate to get to the salon! Your hair looks gorge xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • You really should go, it’s nice to treat ourselves every once in a while! x