How to find time to relax when you’re chronically busy

Relax?…I don’t have time for that

How many times have you sat down to settle into an afternoon of Netflix binging to find yourself checking emails or scrolling through your Instagram feed before the opening credits have finished? I know I have on multiple occasions, because no matter how tired I am, or how desperately I feel the need to de-stress and have some down time I just can’t do it.

I just can’t seem to switch off, so instead of my usual Netflix/blogging/social media stalking routine I’ve decided to try some alternative methods for switching off and I have to admit I really do feel like they’re working!

There’s three things I like to do when I’m in desperate need of relaxation and they’ve really helped me to learn how to switch my brain off instead of seeing every minute as an opportunity to do something.

AlbertineSarah hair blow dry

Listening to podcasts

Ok so I’m really tempted to do a whole blog post on podcasts by kickass women that I’m loving because my god there are just SO many! Listening to a podcast means my mind is occupied, but because I’m following a debate or a story I simply cannot do anything else that requires my attention.

I tend to listen to them the hour before I’m planning to go to sleep, and they’re brilliant for relaxing my mind and getting me in the comfy, sleepy zone. My favourites to listen to are My Favourite Murder, Keeping It Candid, Made Online, Hashtag Authentic and Stuff Mom Never Told You. Between them, they cover a wide variety of topics so I’m never left bored or uninterested by their topic choices.

If you want a bit of comic relief, and to have a good ol’ giggle, you’ve got to get onto My Dad Wrote A Porno and Dirty Mother Pukka. I’m always in stitches when I listen to them, and I find having a good laugh is a really good way to quickly de-stress.

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Read a trashy novel

You know what, sometimes I just want to read utter rubbish to take my mind off of everything I have going on. My personal favourites are chick lits about women working for fictional magazines and muddling their way through their 20s. All of the scenarios are implausible, and the storylines are basic but that’s what I love about them. They’re easy comfort reads that I quickly get stuck into and enjoy reading.

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Treating myself to some reflexology

Now this is a new one for me, but honestly I’ve never felt more relaxed than when I was lying back in a chair at the reflexologists. During the hour long session, the reflexologist works through various points in your feet (each of which correlate with different parts of the body) to relax you. Personally, I’m not a fan of people touching my feet (it makes me cringe a bit) but 30 minutes into my session I was completely and utterly relaxed and pretty much drifted off…I had to be woken up at the end of the session! World Reflexology week is from 18-24th September, so if you have yet to try it I recommend booking in for a treatment then!

I’ve been making a more conscious effort to take time to relax recently, and I have to say it really is making a difference to how energised I feel. If, like me, you’re one who struggles to switch off, I would suggest some time away from screens and social media. Banning myself from screens after 9pm was the best decision I’ve ever made because since then I’ve been sleeping so much better!

How do you like to switch off and de-stress?