Serious colour care for seriously coloured hair

Pureology hydrate shampoo conditioner

Serious colour care

I feel sorry for my hair man, I really do. Last year it was bleached within an inch of its life before being smothered in various shades of turquoise and blue. Said blue dye then stained it and REFUSED to budge (it’s still lurking on the ends now) so for the past six months I’ve been regularly topping up with dark purple and grey colours to mask the very worn looking blue (if I’m honest, it’s kind of gone a mouldy greed colour now…attractive). Therefore, any products that are formulated to maintain my colour are literal angels to me, helping my artificial dark purple to cling to my hair strands for as long as possible before my natural brown and the stubborn blue come surging through again.

Pureology’s products are all sulphate-free (perfect for those of you, like me who like to avoid sulphates because they really strip your hair) and are formulated to care for coloured hair. So if you can’t stop, won’t stop when it comes to a bit of cheeky hair dye, pay attention and get ready to add some fabulous products to your shopping list.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo*

This stuff smells amazing and the scent lingers for a long time after you’ve washed your hair, which I really love! It’s a silvery purple colour, and for a product that is sulphate free it lathers up really nicely so you’re not left thinking ‘does this stuff really work?!’

When I use this alongside the conditioner my hair is left feeling super soft and silky, cue me swishing it at every given opportunity.


Pureology Hydrate Conditioner

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner*

I was honestly surprised by this conditioner because bloomin’ hell it’s go some intense, tingly mint feelings attached! The peppermint used in the formula is such a refreshing scent in the shower, but if (like me) you like to leave your conditioner on for 5-10 minutes get ready for some serious tingles.

When you in a steamy, hot shower the tingly minty feeling is intensified and it literally feels like you have an ice mask on your scalp. I have to admit I’m actually quite enjoying it, makes my morning showers a lot more exciting and it really does help to wake me up. Aside from the peppermint tingles, this is really great at softening and detangling your hair. I would advise combing this through with a wide toothed comb to ensure the conditioner is worked into every strand before leaving it on for 5-10 minutes to work some magic.

Paired with the shampoo, this is some serious, hard working colour care that is really helping to keep my dark locks shiny and vibrant.


Colour Fanatic hair treatment

Colour Fanatic*

Finally we have Colour Fanatic, a multi-tasking hair treatment spray that I’ve been dousing my hair in after every wash. This is supposed to prime, perfect and protect coloured hair and I have to admit since using it my hair has felt a lot softer and more manageable.


You may have spied on the front of these bottles that all of these are 100% Vegan which is also worth mentioning because I know it can be quite a pain to find high quality/luxury beauty products that are. I’m not Vegan myself but it’s nice to use products that are when and where I can. Overall, I’m loving this colour care range and if you’re a serious hair dye abuser like I am, I really recommend you check them out!

*PR Samples

  • I’ve actually never heard of these before!!

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      They’re such a lovely haircare brand, they feel so luxury and leave my hair feeling amazing!