How I fell in love with wearing glasses

David Clulow Autumn glasses event

When I first needed glasses…

I remember the day I was told I needed glasses so well. I was in year three and, even though I could barely make out the writing on the white board if I didn’t sit in the front row of every lesson, I didn’t want to draw attention to myself so never told my teachers. We were all given an eye test, and what do you know I needed glasses. Being Harry Potter obsessed, I was kind of excited about this, and I’m pretty sure my first glasses were the roundest style I could find.

I was one of the few that wore glasses when I was younger, and I remember my classmates always wanting to try on my glasses. At the tender age of six, I didn’t think much about how I looked, so wearing glasses didn’t bother me. They were just something I wore during lessons so I could read the board. I didn’t wear them outside of school at all, because I only ever needed them for reading at a distance and my eyesight wasn’t that bad. However, as I got older my eyesight got worse and my need to read train timetable boards and gate announcements at stations and airports meant I found myself wearing glasses more and more, and I became really self conscious about how I looked with them on.

Prada Autumn glasses style

My style evolution

Every couple of years it was time for a new eye test, and to see if I needed my lenses updated. I would always BEG my mum to let me buy the latest designer frames (hey, I wanted to make sure my glasses looked cool) and being the practical woman she was she couldn’t understand why the more affordable frames weren’t good enough for me. I tried a whole variety of styles, from thick framed rectangular ones to more rounded shapes.

I fell in love with each new pair, but as the two year mark rolled around I always found myself tiring of the style I had chosen and feeling more and more self-conscious about wearing them out. Through my teens and early twenties I began to think that I looked less attractive with my glasses on than without. If I was posing for a photo, I would quickly remove them before it could be taken. I hated wearing them in social settings, and resented having to rely on them to see.

Luckily, that all changed for me recently, when I found the most stylist and flattering frames I’ve ever tried on. I fell in love with them immediately at the David Clulow Autumn style event, and when I finally picked them up with my updated lenses in I put them on immediately and felt amazing.

David Clulow Autumn glasses

Glasses can be practical AND pretty

You see, when I went to the Autumn style event I realised something. I wear my glasses every day, and I’m becoming more and more reliant on them to get around, especially in a city like London where I often find myself travelling by train and tube. Therefore, I want to make sure the glasses I’m wearing not only help me see but are stylish enough for me to feel confident in wearing them on a day to day basis.

This Prada design is gorgeous, and as soon as I put them on I felt really stylish and confident. The rounded shape is really flattering, helping to accentuate my eyes, while the thin frame means they don’t overwhelm my face. If you needed any proof that glasses can be practical and pretty, well, here it is.

I also have to say David Clulow are brilliant at helping you to find your perfect frames. My mum and I have both used them as opticians for years now, so I wasn’t surprised by the excellent service at my local shop and how quick and easy it was to have an eye test done and select the right lenses and frames for me.

If you’ve got an eye test coming up (or you’re long overdue one) this is your friendly reminder to book in NOW! Also, if you haven’t previously, give David Clulow a try and see what you think of their service.

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  • I absolutely LOVE these glasses Albertine! Such a beautiful, unique frame. I have never had an eye test! Madness, especially as I spend so much time behind the screen, eep! Will book myself in for one 🙂 Immy x

    • Thanks! You definitely need to have one, it’s best to have it done just in case you do need glasses x

  • Ivy Decker

    The style of your new glasses is gorgeous, Albertine. Thanks for sharing your story! I’ve been wearing glasses for about three years now, and I actually do love mine, but I’m also looking forward to picking out a new style when I can afford an updated pair.

    • Thanks so much, picking out new styles is always so fun, I love doing it every couple of years 🙂

  • Thanks 🙂 haha definitely do! x

  • I have been looking for a new pair of glasses for so long now! I really need to find a pair that work for me but it’s so hard! Yours look great! So nice to see someone loving wearing glasses, I often feel like I’m the only one who likes the look of glasses!


    • Thanks so much! I definitely go through phases of loving and hating them, but I really feel like these ones suit my face so I’m hoping I’ll continue to love them!