WOW! L’Oreal are bringing the glow with their Merry Metals collection

L'Oreal Merry Metals glow collection

Merry Metals collection

Boy are L’Oreal pushing the boat out with this collection of products, I love how colourful and different they are from what’s already on the market! The Merry Metals collection is one I would naturally gravitate towards, purely because of the gorgeous rose gold packaging and bright, sparkly colours. That said, when it gets down to it, I only feel I really need 2-3 of the items from the collection and after testing them all out I can’t wait to tell you which ones I fell in love with and which are probably worth skipping.

L'Oreal Merry Metals Glow Kit

L'Oreal Glow Kit swatched

The Glow Kit* and Glow Drops*

Glow Kit – Unfortunately the peachy shade in my palette fell out the pan, so to avoid a huge mess I had to just pop it in the bin! It’s a bit of a shame, but it was my least favourite shade of the whole palette so I’m not too bothered. From left-right the shades included in this are: Incandescent, Cheek On You, Make Me Flush, Metallicious and Pearlista. For the highlight above I used Cheek On You and I really love the warm champagne shade it is. These are super easy to use and a couple of swipes across my cheekbones was more than enough for me!

Glow Drops – I’ve only swatched this on the back of my hand because when I applied it on my foundation it really didn’t work and looked awful (I think it’s because the formulas of the foundation and drops were so different). I’m going to give it a go with one of my more dewy foundations soon and I’m sure it will give a lovely luminous finish. I may also mix a bit in with my foundation and see how that works for me.

L'Oreal Merry Metals Metallic Eye Paints Metallic Eye Paint Rude Boy Metallic Eye Paint Diamonds

Metallic Eye Paints*

Rude Boy – This is a warm orangey bronze shade that looks really pretty on. I have to admit this was a lot easier to blend than I expected and I think it could be perfect for quickly swiping on and blending out with a slightly darker shade for a super easy festive eyeshadow look. I also love the shade name!

Diamonds – I was so sure I would hate this, but once I had applied it and blended it a bit I was a little bit in love! I think what this needs is a swipe of black winged liner and some fluttery lashes to really pop. I would probably pair this with a warm nude lip, instead of a frosted one to keep it from looking to 90s.

L'Oreal Metallic Lip Paint Pixie L'Oreal Metallic Lip Paint Lolita L'Oreal Metallic Lip Paint Cute But Psycho L'Oreal Metallic Lip Paint Internet

Metallic Lip Paints*

Pixie – This is probably my least favourite of the lip paints, purely because I find it hard to think of anyone who can really rock a frosted baby pink lip without looking like they’re auditioning for the role of a snowflake in their Christmas play! But…if frosted lips are your jam, and you’re looking for a new baby pink one, who am I to judge? You’ll love this because it is a solid shade. You do need a couple of layers for full opacity but it’s nothing too fiddly.

Lolita – Not too sure about the name of this one, I’m struggling to see the connection between an underage love interest and the colour gold? Anyways, this colour doesn’t work for me, but it is going to look absolutely GORGEOUS on those of you with a darker skin tone because it’s a truly gorgeous orangey gold that (as you can see above) is fully opaque after a couple of coats. My advice would be to paint one layer, let it dry, then go in with another for a solid lip.

Cute But Psycho – Hate the name of this one, it’s a bit out-of-date now and I’m sure L’Oreal can offer better shade names than one that trivialises mental illness. What’s even more frustrating is that this is by far the best lip paint of the bunch. It’s far more opaque than the others, so requires less work and I’ve fallen in love with the metallic red shade. I’m going to definitely be using it this winter, especially for festive parties.

Internet – The opacity of this one isn’t great, it was the hardest to get an even colour with and after three coats I decided to just photograph the results I had got. I’m not a fan of this, I think it drains the colour from my skin, but I think it could work well on darker skin tones. Just be prepared to put a bit of work in for a full finish!

*PR Samples