A few tips and tricks…

Here’s a little selection of a few beauty tips and tricks i’ve picked up over the years.  I hope you enjoy reading and leave a comment below of your top beauty tricks 🙂
1. blend, blend, BLEND
Whether it’s your eyeshadow, bronzer or foundation, ALWAYS make sure you blend it!  I used to get terrible foundation lines along my jaw line because i never made sure I properly blended it in, which was rather embarrassing when pointed out by my friends on the bus to school…..I now use the real techniques stippling brush to blend my foundation along my jaw line, and make sure I get a flawless finish.  I also make sure a blend my bronzer if contouring with my Bobbi Brown bronzer brush to make sure the bronzer looks more subtle.  Finally, I always blend my eyeshadow into my crease to create a softer look.
2. Always prime your eyelids
Again, something I never used to do.  But it really does make the difference in making sure your eyeshadow stays put and also does not crease.  My favourite to use is MAC’s paint pot in bare study, but a good cheaper alternative is MUA’s eyeshadow primer. 
3. Powder your t-zone
If like me you suffer from an oily t-zone, then this tip will hopefully help you just as much as me.  I always wear foundation for parties or a night out, and I would frequently find that my t-zone looked really shiny in pictures taken.  So, to counteract this, and make sure my skin looks flawless in photos, I now make sure I powder my t-zone to mattify it and prevent it from looking oily in pictures.  Rimmel’s stay matte powder works really well for this.
A hope these tips have helped a few of you and please, let me know if they have by leaving a comment below 🙂
much love <3
x x