Liebster award: take 2!!

So since my first nomination for this, I have been nominated again twice by two lovely bloggers simply beauty and beka’s beauty .  So instead of following the rules for this and saying 11 facts about me, answering thier questions, nominating people myself and asking them 11 questions myself, I decided to just answer the questions that they’ve asked me.  Yeah, it’s a bit of a cop out, but i’m feeling kind of lazy today after a crazy night last night and working on my cognitive psychology essay for the majority of today (more like 2 hours, mostof which has been spent looking at thanks obama gifs…) Anyways, onto the questions!!

The first 11 are from Simply beauty:

1. favourite fashion trend?
Personally, I really love spring trends, they’re so girly and pretty!! If I had to pick one of them it would have to be floral print, I just can’t get enough.  I’ve already told you guys of my floral print suit plan….

2. lipstick or nail polish?
Ahhh!! such a tricky question!  I really love painting my nails, but I do also have a vast array of lipsticks which I love to use.  If I have to pick one, it’ll have to be nail polish, I hate when my nails aren’t painted!

3. what was your most used beauty product of 2012?
Hmmmm, probably my Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, I used it everyday.  I use Rimmel’s wake me up one at the moment though, thought it wa stime for a bit of a change!

4. how many times/hours do you go onliine for each day?
Too many!! I would have to guess and say probably 5-6 hours a day…..but in my defence half of that is spent catching up on tv!! Okay, that doesn’t really justify it…such an addict

5. favourite food?
Easy, has to be Wagamamas chicken katsu curry.

6. If you could go back in time and invent any beauty product, what would it be and why?
I would invent bioderma!! People used to have terrible skin, think it would have been a ife changer for a lot of women.

7. what one scent makes you think of summer when you smell it?
Has to be the smell of the sea.  We usually spend a coupld of week in the south of france for summer,  and the smell of the sea always takes me back there.

8. what are 3 items next to you right now?
my phone, my notebook with my essay plan (screaming at me: ‘GET ON WITH YOUR FRIGGING ESSAY, STOP PROCRASTINATING!!) and a 2 litre bottle of waitrose cloudy lemonade, that stuff just tastes so damn good!

9.Do you plan your life or are you a take each day as it comes kind of person?
I would say I do a bit of both.  I have a vison of where I want to be in 10 years time, but it’s not concrete.

10. favourite band/artist?
Emeli Sande, hands down.  I’ve spent many hours in my shower belting out clown and next to me, much to the horror of the fellow students on my floor.

11. finish this sentence, I started my blog…
after taking part in a #bbloggers chat on twitter, I really loved getting involved in the community and so decided to start up my own blog.

phew that was long!! now onto Beka’s questions:

1.who/what made you want to start blogging?
mainly reading other people’s blogs and seeing what they had achieved.  I’ve always wanted to be a journalist, so it always made sense to me to blog.

2. how long have you been blogging for?
Just over a month now!

3. what’s your best piece of advice?
hmmm, probably that you can’t change the past, so there’s no use dewlling on it.  Look forward and focus on the future.

4. what’s your best attribute?
a powerful, thick set of brows.  I joke, I would have to say my sense of humour, I can (most times) see the funny side of things.

5. what’s your worst habit?
Picking my nail polish off! I know it’s a bit gross but it’s so addictive once you’ve started…

6. high heels or flats?
High heels defintiely, I just think they make my legs look so much nicer.

7. what’s your favourite small business?
I dunno, I don’t really have one!

8. what/who inspired your blog posts?
Other bloggers definitely inspire a lot of my blog posts.  After one #bbloggers chat, I got a lot of advice on how to perfect winged eyeliner, and so tried it the next day, and posted about it.

9. If you had atime machine where would you go?
To a Beatles concert, but only if I could bring my dad too!  He’s the one that really got me listening to them.

10. favourite meal?

11. favourite memory?
Standing at the top of the eiffel tower with my dad, closely followed by being a bridesmaid (sort of) at my half sister’s wedding in Ponducherry, India.

so there you have it!   There’s my answers to both sets of questions, hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me 🙂