mini Boots and Superdrug haul

So after handing in an essay and practical report and completing my statistics coursework, I thought I deserved a little treat this weekend.  As well as a few beauty products from Boots and Superdrug, I treated myself to the newest copy of Marie Claire, mainly to get the hand cream that came with it but shhh, they don’ have to know that.
I only picked up one thing in boots, which was the L’Oreal superliner in black lacquer.  I picked it up because I have not been getting on with my gel eyeliner.  I don’t know why, but I never seem to be able to get a nice straight line, or one that is thin enough to stop me looking like i’ve just painted my whole eyelind black, which, trust me, is not a good look for me!  So I decided to try this out, and when I used it last night I got on with it pretty okay, after this week i’ll let you know if my opinion of it has changed 🙂
I then popped into superdrug to pick up some more beauty bits, because the Boots in Exeter never seems to have the things I want.  The superdrug is much better stocked and has a bigger range of things, which is annoying because I prefer to shop in boots so I can get my advantage card points!  Anyways, I firstly picked up some large cotton wool pads, because i’ve run out.  I find the big ones make takng my makeup off so much eaiser because then I only really need one instead of 3 small ones.
 I then picked up the St Ives apricot blemish control scrub.  I’ve never tried anything from st Ives before and i’ve been breaking out around my jaw line recently, so I decided to try their scrub to see if it helps to clear it up.  It smells lovely and I tried it one my hand, and it left it feeling nice and smooth, so i’m optimistic about this one!
I then picked up the VO5 plump me up dry shampoo because I don’t actually own one and I keep borrowing my flatmates!!  I don’t really know much about dry shampoos, so I don’t know how well this one will work, but it smelt nice and it was half price, so I obviously had to get it to try it out….
I then picked something up i’ve been after for aages now, the L’Oreal Elnett heat protectant spray straight.  Naughtily, I never normally use heat protectant spray on my hair before straightening it, I normally just use some hair cream on the ends.  So I decided it was well and truly time for things to change.  I used this yesterday afternoon and it’s left my hair so siny and soft, i’m so glad I bought this!
I finally went into Tesco and picked up the new Marie Claire wih came with a neals yard save the bees hand cream.  I love marie claire and so I can’t wait to start reading this issue but i’m also exicted to start using the hand cream which smells just beautiful.  It has a lovely hint of honey to it, but nothing too overwhelming 🙂
I hope you enjoyed reading about my most recent purchases, comment below if you did 🙂