moodboard #9-Stripes!

Wow, so last time I did a moodboard was nearly 2 weeks ago!  I’m gonna try and stick to doing one a week again, becuase I actually really enjoy doing them and posting about what trends have been inspiring me each week 🙂
This week I decided to do a moodboard on stripes!  I saw the most amazing pair of striped trousers in H&M a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately they didn’t have my size, so i’ll have to wait until I can visit a bigger store to get my hands on a pair of them!  I have however purchased a red and black horizontally striped crop top which I am so in love with.  It has long sleeves, and fits so perfectly, it looks really lovely with a flared black skirt.  Me and my friends call it my dennis the menace top, because it looks exactly like the one he wears!  
*all images from WeHeartIt