My top 5 blogs

I read a lot of other blogs. And I have to say not one of them is similar to another.  I really love reading other blogs, it helps me to discover new products I didn’t even know about, or read a load of different reviews about the same product before I actually go out and buy it myself.  So when today’s #BEDM topic was to choose a top 5, I actually found it really difficult!  I probably have a top 30 if i’m honest haha.  Anyways, I did decide on a top 5 eventually, and I decided to try and only include 2 well established blogs, and instead include a few lesser known ones that you guys may not have heard of before 🙂
The first one up is birds words.  Now I think i’ve been reading this blog for a good year now and i really enjoy every post she puts up.  I enjoy reading her reviews, but I think what’s best about her blog is the more personal posts she does.  A recent favourite of mine was she wears makeup so she must be insecure.
Second up on my favourites is Ellies favourite things.  She does really great OOTD posts which I love to look at. I also love her posts on the vintage fairs she visits, and it’s actually got me interested in going to a few myself!  I also love her taste in music, and I think I discovered Haim through listening to it on her blog.
Third up is a more established blog, and is actually one of my favourite youtubers, essie-button.  I love Estee’s posts and I actually bought Bourjois healthy mix after hearing her talk about it so much on her channel.  I find her really easy to listen to in her videos, and usually have them on when i’m straightening my hair 🙂
I love Marmalade for the OOTD post.  The pictures she uses are always beautiful and i’m so envious of her wardrobe!! I always want basically every piece she wears!  So if you want some fashion inspiration, I suggest you check out her blog 🙂
Finally is one I only discovered recently, Thumbelina Lillie.  First off, I think she’s so pretty and cute!  I love OOTD’s and reviews of products.  I know that if i’m ever bored, I can just head over to her blog for a good read.