New in: Crown brushes!!

crease brush £3, Contour brush £6, lip brush £2

I picked these brushes up two weeks ago at IMATS and just haven’t really got round to using all of them until this week.  Now that I have tried them out I feel I can give you guys a proper review of them.

The first one I picked up was the angled contouring brush.  I’ve always wanted to get a good brush for contouring with and this has really helped loads!  It fits perfectly in the hollows of my cheeks and makes my contouring look a lot nicer, I think.  The brush is really soft and doesn’t molt (is that the right word?!) easily.

Secondly I got a new crease brush.  The one I already own has quite long bristles on it and so it bends really easilly when it’s in my crease.  This one is a lot shorter and so I feel it will be a lot easier to use to apply shadow to my crease without it going everywhere!  I can confirm it really does work well, my smokey eyes have never looked any better!

Finally I picked up a new lip brush.  This was kind of an impulse buy for me as it was onyl £2 so I thought I would just try it out!  This one is a lot thinner and smaller than the one I have been previously using and I find this a lot better as it’s more precise, so less chance of me going wrong with my lippy!  It should be stated I have a very unsteady hand, so using a thinner brush helps me to make less mistakes!

Overall i’ve been really loving using all of my new brushes, they’re all amazing quality and I can’t wait to buy some more for myself in the near future!