Downsizing your makeup collection for uni

Yes, I really did throw all the makeup I own onto my bed for this picture :'(
 When you go to uni you’re (usually) moving into halls or a rented house and, as you’re only gonna be staying in that place for around a year, you can’t exactly take everything you own with you, as you’ll need to be able to move it out at the end of the year, or even sooner.  I found when I went to uni last year I really had to downsize my wardrobe (post on that next week) and makeup collection as otherwise, there was no way it was gonna fit it all into the drawer and wardrobe space in my new room! (To be honest, even the stuff I did bring didn’t fit, some clothes had to be stuffed under my bed….)  
So, with that in mind I’ve decided to share some tips with you guys on how to downsize your makeup collection before you go 🙂
My first tip would be to give your makeup collection a bit of a spring clean.  I would start off by throwing out anything empty, broken or out of date (bit of common sense, I know, but sometimes stuff sits in my makeup drawers for aages before it actually goes!).  After all of those bits have gone, I would then go through and get rid of anything you haven’t used in 6-8 months.  I say 6-8 months because as seasons change, so does the makeup you use, so if I said the past 3 months, you would basically be throwing out all your autumn/winter makeup!  
Second tip would be to divide your makeup collection in two; spring/summer and autumn/winter.  That way you can just take the autumn/winter stuff with you for the first term, then take some of it back with you during the winter holidays and switch it with more spring/summery stuff for second term.  This is such an easy way to reduce the amount you take with you and also have to take back at the end of the academic year 🙂
Thirdly, don’t take duplicates!!  By that I mean, you don’t need to take 3 different red lipsticks!  As painful as it will be, decide on your favourite and just take that! For example, I would take 2-3 red or berry lipsticks, 2 nudes (one pinky, one beige) and one gloss, that’s all you need!  Taking around 6 lipsticks gives you enough variation without going overboard.  Face wise, 2 foundations (one light coverage, one medium-heavy) 2 blushers (one reddy, one pinky) 1 bronzer (to double as a contour) 1 highlighter and 1 powder are all you need!  Take 2 eyeshadow palettes that have a good variation in colours, 1 eyeshadow primer, 2 mascaras (one lengthening, one volumising) 2 kohls (one nude and one black) and 1 liquid eyeliner!  Now I know that’s a lot of detailed information about what you should downsize to, but I thought it would be useful 🙂
Finally, don’t forget your more whacky colours!  They’ll be really useful for socials and themed nights out.  For the first half of term, lots of the societies have socials and they almost always have a theme, so do take your more ‘out there’ makeup.  I took face glitter, blue eyeliner, various coloured lip pencils and glitter liquid liner.  Again, don’t go too overboard on this and just take cheap stuff so if you lose it, it’s not a problem.  They’re just so useful to have on you, and if you don’t take them you’ll probably end up buying them when you get there for socials anyway.
Hope this has been useful and interesting for you guys to read, look out for the wardrobe version of this next week!