Handbag must-haves!!

Heya everyone sorry there’s no disney princess FOTD today, I’ve been super busy all week with work experience and getting back to normal after v fest.  I promise there will be one next week, so don’t forget to leave some suggestion for which one you want to see!  In the meantime, enjoy this guest post I did a week or so ago on my handbag essentials 🙂
01. Soap and Glory kick ass concealer-This is the best concealer i’ve tried ever and I can’t bare to leave the house without it.  It comes with a blemish and undereye concealer and a setting powder and tiny mirror all in one sturdy compact, making it perfect for makeup touch ups on the go.  
02. Rimmel scandaleyes kohl in nude– You know those days when you’re up early for works and you just feel and look super tired and drained? well this is for those days!  I love having this in my bag so I can just apply a bit to my waterline, instantly making my eyes look just that bit more wide awake and alert :).
03. Revlon crease brush– You’re probably thinking ermm why do you carry a makeup brush around with you? Well, it’s for those days when your eyeshadow and primer really just aren’t holding up.  I like having this in my bag for if my eyeshadow majorly creases, so I can quickly blend it again!
04. Hask argan oil– Love to keep a little vial of this in my bag for when my hairs being particularly unruly.  I just run a pea sized amount through the ends of my hair and it immediately helps to tame them and make them feel silky smooth again.
05. Carmex lip balm– I don’t know how I could survive without my massive stash of lip balms!  Out of all of them, this is my favourite to stash in my bag.  As well as moisturising dry lips, it also has SPF 15, which is really useful for protecting your lips from the sun when you’re out and about!
06.Avene eau thermale water spray– I love having this in my handbag, especially when the weather’s super hot as it has been recently!  I use this to refresh my makeup throughout the day but I also like to use it to help cool down when the weather is really hot.
So there’s my handbag essentials!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this <3