Estee Lauder lip shine in Plexi Pink

I’ve had this in my collection for a good 3 weeks now, and I’ve just never got around to reviewing it for you guys!  This is another thing I snapped up in the Grazia beauty sales, and I got this beauty for an absolute steal at £2!!  
Since hearing Tanya Burr rave about the shade Pink Patent in nearly all of her videos, I was desperate to try one out for myself, as I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect subtle glossy lip shade for an absolute age!  I did see Pink Patent in the sale but I actually picked this one up instead as the colour is a lot warmer and darker, which is really flattering on (I’m convinced it’s made my lips look bigger than normal!!).  
Just like the cheek shot I picked up, I’m head over the heels with this, I wanna buy them all now!!  If you’re ever looking to treat yourself, definitely go for one of these, they’re just so wearable and universally flattering!