Maybelline Big Eyes mascara

Maybelline Big Eyes mascara $7.99

Ever since seeing this on quite a few American youtuber’s channels, I’ve been desperate to try it!  As I’ve mentioned before, I have the fairly common issue of having tiny eyes which means that when applying mascara, most wands are too big and I end up getting flakes of mascara all over my lids, such a nightmare!
Therefore, I usually stick to mascaras with thinner wands, but I still always manage to get mascara under my eyes!  So when I saw that Maybelline had brought out a double ended mascara with an extra tiny brush just for little bottom lashes, I was over the moon!  
Unfortunately, it’s only out in the US right now but as I have a half sister who lives in Nashville, I was able to get myself one and since using it, I’ve never looked back!  

As you can see, one coat of the mascara just gives my lashes a nice subtle lift with a bit of extra volume, leaving them looking fairly natural, which is actually love.  The bottom lash brush is also fantastic at separating bottom lashes and just adding a tiny amount of volume without looking too over the top.  
I’m really impressed with this mascara, it’s such a shame it’s not available here, but I’m hoping in a few months time, it will be!