NYX lipgloss in Beige

Given to me by my lovely half sister 🙂

I’ve always hated lip glosses.  I just always hated the feeling of something sticky on my lips and I swear every time I wore lip gloss my hair would blow into my face and get stuck to it….not cool.  However, recently I’ve got back into using lipglosses and I’ve really loved it!  Long gone are the days of feeling like I’ve got a thick layer of honey on my lips…

My half sister visited last weekend for my little brother’s Bar Mitzvah and seeing as she was coming over, she asked me if there was anything I wanted from America, to which the answer is AS MUCH COVERGIRL, SEPHORA AND BATH AND BODY WORKS YOU CAN CARRY!!

One of the things I asked for is the NYX lipgloss in Beige, which is a firm favourite of Ingrid (Missgalmorazzi) and Tanya Burr.  Although the name suggests it’s a nude colour, it’s actually a lovely light pink colour which just looks so pretty on, it really is the perfect everyday colour.

As I said before, I really hate the texture of lipglosses, but this one is just so different from the others I’ve tried in the past.  It doesn’t feel sticky at all, in fact it feels quite moisturizing on my lips and it has a nice sheer glossy finish to it.

One thing to note with this is make sure you wipe the excess off of the applicator before you use it, the tube barely removes any, so applying it without wiping it beforehand would probably end in a horrible sticky mess!

So now that I’ve tried and loved this NYX lipgloss, I can’t wait to try some others from different brands!
 If you’ve got any lipglosses you could recommend to me to try out, let me know in the comments!