Soap and Glory Ultimelt cleanser

Soap and Glory the Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser, £10

After my beloved Lush Angels on Bare Skin ran out a couple of weeks ago, I was in the market to get a new deep cleanser and was looking for something new to try.  I’ve never used any of the Soap and Glory skincare products before, so when I saw a few of their products were 1/3 off, I just had to try something out!

I was immediately drawn to the Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser.  My friend Louise has used Liz Earl’s hot cloth cleanser for years and swears by it, but I’ve always been put off trying it as it’s not that easy to find in shops and (for me) it’s fairly expensive.  Therefore, when I saw that Soap and Glory have their own version, I couldn’t help but give it a go!
The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth, which is really useful as I always use face cloths or flannels for washing my face and you can never have enough of them!  The product comes out as a thick, creamy balm that just feels amazing to massage into the skin.  I use this after my L’Oreal miracle oil (which removes all my makeup) and I just apply it all over my face and neck before massaging it into my skin for a minute or so.  It says on the packaging to massage it in for 2 minutes, or 4 minutes for spots, but honestly who has the time to stand in their bathroom twice a day massaging their skin for that long?!
I have found that it has improved my skin slightly.  I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in the size of my pores and blackheads in the past 2 weeks of using this.  I’ve also noticed that my skin feels a lot softer and more hydrated, which is really nice.
Overall, I’m really pleased with this, it’s definitely changed my skin for the better and although the changes are small, I wasn’t expecting anything THAT dramatic, so I’m happy with it.  I would say I’ll definitely repurchase this, but I’m kind of curious to try Superdrug’s version of the hot cloth cleanser, so I think I’ll pick that up next, when I’ve finished this tube.