Physician’s Formula Happy Boost Blusher

Physicians Formula Happy Boost Blusher, $11.99
When I spied this in a fellow blogger’s beauty sale, I just had to get my hands on it!  I’ve been lusting after this beautiful blusher for well over a year now but as I haven’t visited the US in quite a while, I just haven’t had a chance to pick it up for myself!  
I’m so glad it’s now in my collection, as you can see, the packaging is literally THE cutest thing ever and, as the swatch shows, it’s a lovely warm candy pink colour.  I have to say I do find the colour pay off to be a bit weak with this but I’m glad that it is because I am VERY heavy handed with my blusher application which can leave me looking a bit like a clown……
Overall a lovely product, it’s such a shame that we can’t get this so easily in the UK but if you’re visiting the US anytime soon, definitely add it to your shopping list!