I need your help!!

So I’ve decided to be bold and nominate myself for one of the Company style blogger awards!  Over the past few months I’ve become a lot more confident in my personal style and have really enjoyed sharing it with you guys on my blog here and on Lookbook!  Therefore, I’ve put myself up for the best personal style award (I would much rather be in the newcomer section as I do still feel like a bit of a newbie to it but as I’ve been blogging for over a year I have to be in the normal section!).  
If any of you could take the time to vote for me, I would be eternally grateful.  Even just being able to attend the awards would be amazing, so anyone who can help me to get there is much appreciated.  You can nominate my blog here and if you think your blog has what it takes to win, you can also nominate yourself too!  If you do nominate me and you’re also nominating yourself for an award, let me know and I’ll also nominate you in return 🙂