And Other Stories Equatorial Dreams Body Wash

Equatorial Dreams Body Wash, £5

I’ve been meaning to visit the & Other Stories store in London ever since it opened its doors but, as I rarely travel into London for shopping, I haven’t got round to visiting just yet.  Luckily I was in the area a few weeks ago for a press event, so decided to pop in and have a browse of their products.

After sniffing quite a few of the scents they do, I stumbled across one that I just couldn’t get enough of-Equatorial Dreams!  It literally smells like the most perfectly fruity Pina Colada you can imagine and lingers on your skin well after you get out of the shower.

Within the range, they also have a body mist, body scrub and body lotion.  I’m in desperate need of a new body scrub so I definitely need to purchase a tub of that soon and the body mist is just too good to say no to!

If you’re yet to visit & Other Stories, definitely do!  I love their minimalistic style of clothing and there are so many scents for the body care range, I can guarantee you’ll find something you fall head over heels for too!