The ultimate night cream

Arbonne FC5 night cream, £43

I think I may have just found the ultimate night cream.  I was introduced to Arbonne less than two weeks ago, and since using their FC5 night cream, I’ve noticed some really amazing changes to my skin.  First off, this cream smells divine, most likely because it includes cells from kiwis, strawberries, carrots, mangos, and pumpkins.

After applying this before bed and leaving it on overnight, I wake up with baby soft skin and the dry, flaky areas of skin around my nose have completely disappeared since using this cream!  While £43 is pretty expensive for me, as I only use this once a day, and I only use a pea sized amount each time, I’m certain this will last me for around 6 months (in the photo above I had been using it for a week already).

If you’re looking for high performing products that are botanically based, dermatologist tested and vegan certified, then Arbonne is the brand for you!  As products are sold through consultants, like me, the majority of money is put into the formulation of the products, instead of marketing, advertising and distribution, so you know your money is really paying for what you want, a fantastic product.

My consultant code/sponsor code is 441218977, so if you want to order anything from Arbonne, please put that in when you register so they know I was the one to recommend the products to you!  *If you pay £15 to become a preferred client of mine you can also get 20% off for a year and £200 of products for £125 in your first order!, feel free to e-mail me for more info if you want*