How to rock radiant orchid with Mode-Lily

Hi guys! I’m Dash, owner of Mode-Lily. com, where I blog mostly about fashion & beauty and even lifestyle every now and then. I was very happy when Albertine’s asked me to blog on her blog as I’m a big fan of her posts and pictures. She just knows so much, doesn’t she! So here is my bit, hope you enjoy it…

I don’t tend to follow fashion designers or the latest beauty style rigorously but I love to browse magazines and online publications and other blogs to see what is happening. Nevertheless, when there is something exciting I tend to go crazy for it. So when Pantone, the international authority on all things colour, announced that radiant orchid is going to be the colour for the year 2014 I was all over the Internet, searching for the perfect lipstick, eye liner and nail polish. This is a trend I approve of.

I’ve picked some of the most popular make up products in the radiant orchid shade. These beauties certainly make it to the top of my wishlist.

I personally love to use this shade on my nails and lips. When it comes to lips, the bolder the better. Day or night, who cares! That’s why my absolute favourite is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick – Wild Orchid (see picture below). I just love how vivid this colour is. I love to team up this look with a white blouse to create a striking look. For those who are not fans of white, it looks nice when paired with red, it also goes well with its sister shades of lavender, purple and pink! It certainly works well for me with all pastel shades, which is my ultimate summer look for this season.

They say the rule is not to use the same colour on your lips as on your eyes, but radiant orchid comes in many varieties and I believe it can look perfect if used correctly. I’ve hoarded a little collection of purple shades over the last few months and I’ve created some lovely looks with them. Bourjois Eye pearls is ideal for me because the palette contains warmer shades of purple from light pink to very dark purple. Maybelline has a very similar palette of purple shades. The difference is that these shades are cooler with a bit of glitter in them. I normally use these shades in winter opposed to Bourjois’s Eyepearls collection, which is more appropriate for the spring/summer season. I’ve also purchased Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow purple/vanilla that is a bright vivid shade of purple and for this reason I love to wear this one on sunny days. I just sprinkle it lightly over my eyes to create a romantic look. The other Bourjois purple shade I own is Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow which is more of a night out shade, a perfect finish for smokey eyes and a little black dress.

Have you succumbed to Radiant orchid this season? How do you style? I can’t wait to read all your answers!