Body Shop Aqua Boost Sorbet

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, £12

I stumbled across this product completely by accident, in fact I was in a bit of an ’emergency’ situation as my flight to Nashville was cancelled and I had to stay overnight in Philadelphia without my toiletries (which I stupidly left in my check in luggage!).  The aqua boost sorbet works in basically the same way as an intensive moisturiser, the only difference is the formula and texture.

This almost feels lumpy when you apply this to your skin, and it takes some getting used to!  It also has that silicone feel that a lot of skin primers have, so it doesn’t automatically sink into your skin either.  Although I’m not keen on the texture, the product itself works really well and definitely helped to restore some of the moisture I lost during my nights stay without a moisturiser to hand!
For £12 I can’t recommend this enough, it’s much cheaper than other intensive moisturisers or night creams and definitely does deliver!