Revlon Moisture Lip Stain in India Intrigue

Revlon Moisture Stain, £7.99
I actually bought this way back when I was in America, but I’ve only just got round to featuring it on my blog!  Revlon moisture stains have been out for a month or so now, and as I’m a big fan of long-lasting glossy lip products, I had to give this one a go.

Although I do really like the finish, I found it didn’t stay like this on my lips for long, and I found myself obsessively re-applying it for a good 20 minutes desperately trying to get an even finish across my lips.  Frankly, it just left me feeling irritated and uncomfortable (I can’t stand patchy lip colour) so I haven’t touched it since.  I will be giving it another go soon, but I do feel like this just does not work for me!
I know there are quite a few other people who really love these, so definitely have a look at other reviews.  However, if you’re also a little bit OCD about your lip products looking perfect, and also have slightly uneven lips like me, I would definitely give this a miss, it’ll just wind you up!