Cloud 9 Quick Dry Potion

Cloud 9 Quick Dry Potion*, £17.95

If any of you have really thick hair like me, you’ll know that blow drying can seem like a boring, never-ending task.  Luckily, I’ve found a product that cuts blow dry time in half (so for me that takes it from 40 minutes, to a speedy 20) which can really save you time, and definitely makes blow drying seem like less of a daunting task!

I used this last week (I wanted my hair super sleek for an event I was attending) and it worked a charm.  I shook the bottle, spritzed it liberally onto my hair, then commenced the blowdry, and boy did it make it quicker!  I only had to slowly brush through my hair twice with the hairdryer concentrated on it and it was done!  
I’ve heard that quick dry potions like this can be really bad for your hair, but this one doesn’t seem to have damagedmy hair at all. In fact my hair feels a lot sleeker, and looks shinier than when I blowdry using a standard heat protecting spray.  If like me your hair takes forever to dry, I can’t reccommend this enough, it’ll change your life!