So White.

So White Shower Gel*, £8.95/250g
As you probably already know from last week’s post, I popped into Lush for their Christmas and Halloween launch and was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers gifted a few items from the range!  The So White shower gel was part of the bag of products we were given, and as this is the first thing I’ve used, I thought I would write up a little review for you guys.

I’m assuming here, but I’m pretty sure the title So White is a play on words in reference to the original Disney princess, Snow White.  With a fresh, crisp apple scent, it’s not hard to imagine why she’s the inspiration for this one.  To be honest, looking at the bottle I was sure this would be a vanilla scent, so I was plesantly surprised when it was so fresh.
Apples are definitely something that remind me of Autumn and Winter, from warm apple pie to toffee apples there’s just something about that smell that reminds me of colder weather and long nights.  I really like that Lush has given us some different scents this Christmas, I kind of expect everything to either smell sweet or spiced, so it’s nice to have some fresh scents in there.
At the moment, this has been lovely to use in the morning, I usually get in the shower half awake, and the fruity apple scent really wakes me up!  Depending on how quickly I go through this bottle, I think I’ll definitely pick up another one before Christmas, it’s just too good to resist!