BBB Dream Box 2||First Impressions

Jane’s beauty boxes are a bit of a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ event, and this time round it caused both hers and latest in beauty’s sites to crash, which is pretty incredible!  Luckily, after spotting the box on the website about 10 minutes before it was set to launch, I got my order in early and fairly easily.  I was home for an interview this weekend so it wasn’t until I got home on Sunday afternoon that I got my hands on it.

After seeing everything in the box, I’m really impressed!  The products all look lovely and I really like that Jane picks out products she personally loves to use.  So far I’m most excited about trying the Lola Strawberry Fields lipstick and Bourjois bronzer and highlighter.  I’ve put together a video of my first impressions, so if you want to hear about what I think of all the products included, check it out below!