So?…Sinful Perfume

So?…Sinful-£6.35 (here)
There was a little trio of So?…Sinful products left at my Mum’s work which nobody wanted, so I took it home for myself!  I’ve only tried one of the So?… fragrances before (the Burlesque one) and I really liked it, so I was excited to see how this one smelt.

Based on the name, I was expecting a sensual, deep scent that would be perfect for the evening but the packaging and actual scent are the total opposite of that!  As you can see the bottle and lid are very colourful, with hues of pink and purple, which I really don’t associate with the word sinful. 
 The scent is really fruity, with notes of strawberries, pineapple, vanilla and dark chocolate.  While the dark chocolate could make the scent a bit more ‘sinful’, it’s so subtle, the more fruity scents really do take over.
I really like the fragrance, but to be honest, I do think there’s a big mismatch between the name and the actual fragrance and packaging.