Hot Spice Cheek Palette.

My mum was lovely enough to give me this Makeup Revolution Hot Spice palette as part of my christmas present this year. I’ve been dying to try one of the Makeup Revolution cheek palettes since they launched mid 2014, and the Hot Spice palette was high on my to buy list!

The Hot Spice palette comes with 8 blushes for the bargain price of £6! Out of the 8 shades, 2 are highlights and the other 4 are a mixture of shimmer and matte coral shades. So far I’ve tried the top left, bottom second from the left and bottom highlight and they’re all lovely and easy to blend. 
The two furthest left are the most pigmented and as you move from left to right the shades get more subtle. The highlighters are also very pigmented, so a very light hand is best when applying them!

In the picture above I have the bottom second from the left across my cheeks and the bottom highlight across my cheekbones (I wish they had given the blushes names!). As you can see they are very subtle, mainly because I buffed them in with a kabuki brush and set with powder. If you want a more pigmented look, the top and bottom shades furthest to the left are probably your best bet as they seemed to be the most pigmented to me.
I really like this palette, and for such a low price it definitely is a bargain! I’m thinking about picking up the Sugar and Spice palette next to see what I think of their pink blushes.