Makeup Revolution Ultra Velours + A Little Giveaway!

L-R: Sweet Boy With A Big Mouth, What Will It Take To Make You Love me?, Don’t Bring Me Down, You’re not The Best You’re Not The Last, Not One For Playing Games, All I Think About Is You, Say Yes It’s What We Do Best, Can We Just Make Love Instead, Their Eyes Can;t Find Us, Move Your Mouth Forever

Ultra Velour Lip Cream*-£3 each (here)

It seems like there’s a new Makeup Revolution product launched every week, and sometimes it’s really hard to keep up to date with what the latest thing is! Today I have their new lip creams to share with you, they’re very similar to the Collection Cream Puff lip creams and the matte Rimmel Apocalips, but there’s some differences that make these really stand out from the others.

All I Think About Is You

Firstly, Makeup Revolution have 10 shades in their range, which is a lot more than the other two brands offer! They’ve basically covered all bases, from bright Barbie pinks to warm nude shades, below are the names of each colour and a description of the shade:

Sweet Boy With A Big Mouth-bright cool-toned pink
What Will It Take To Make You Love me?-Bright warm-toned pink
Don’t Bring Me Down-Warm Raspberry (closer to red than pink)
You’re not The Best, You’re Not The Last-Bright true-red
Not One For Playing Games-Dark mauvey purple
All I Think About Is You-Deep berry (similar to Rimmel Apocalips in meteoric matte)
Say Yes, It’s What We Do Best-Dark brown-red
Can We Just Make Love Instead-Warm pink-brown (similar to MAC Velvet Teddy)
Their Eyes Can;t Find Us-warm-toned sandy brown
Move Your Mouth Forever-Light nude shade 

Their Eyes Can’t Find Us

It’s worth noting that the actual swatches of shades are different from the packaging, for example Move Your Mouth Forever is a much warmer nude shade than it appears in the photo above and Sweet Boy With A Big Mouth isn’t actually as scary-neon pink as it looks! 
While these are similar to the matte Apocalips, their formula is much thinner, which I personally prefer, as it makes it a lot easier to work with (I find the Apocalips often leave my lips caked in product!). The first coat appears really sheer, more like a lip stain and you can easily apply a second and third for a more intense look. As these are so thin, even 2-3 coats feels like you have no product on your lips, which is great because I hate feeling like my lips are covered in a mass of product!

What Will It Take To Make You Love Me?

I wore All I Think About Is You for a full day, and, as well as feeling like I had no product on, it only needed topping up after eating, which is amazing! It’s also worth noting that these do have a strong vanilla scent to them. I personally don’t mind it, but if you’re sensitive to scents these might be a bit too much for you. 
For £3 these are a serious steal, they’re much easier to work with than the Apocalips matte offerings, and as the shades apply like more of a stain at first, all of the shades are actually a lot easier to wear than they appear in the bullet!

You’re Not The Best, You’re Not The Last

As I’m so impressed with these, I’ve decided to giveaway 4 of the 10 I received to one of you guys, if you want to enter to win, all you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter below! T&Cs are that you must be in the UK and be aged 16 or over, good luck!

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