Sapiens-A brief history of humankind

I’m trying something new on my blog this year-monthly book reviews! I think it’s fair to say we’re starting with something heavy, ‘Sapeins-A Brief History of Humankind’ but I coudln’t resist featuing this as my January book. It’s a hardback book of 416 pages, and it’s all about homeo sapiens, from the beginning of the spiecies right up to now.

If like me you’re a little bit fascinated by all things related to humans, then you’ll love this book. It gives just enough detail about each topic for you to understand it, but also moves quickly enough through each that you don’t feel bogged down with the science behind it (there are references included that you can look up if you’re really interested in certain aspects).  If you want an understanding of everything that got us to where we are now, it’s perfect, and within chapters there’s 2-3 page sections making it easy to stop and start reading.

The thing that really got me hooked on this book was the writing style, it’s so easy to read, it’s basically like reading a letter from a friend! The topics covered are also really interesting, above is the chapter The Gospel of Gold which talks about the importance of money in the early structuring of human society. I was completely taken by this book, and it ends looking into the future and what it has in store for our species, which was a really great note to finish on. This book was actually a recommendation from my mum, and I’m passing it onto you, it’s brilliant!