The Boho Pony

Boho ponytail*-£27 (here)
I’ve never tried extensions or clip ins before, mainly because I’ve always had quite thick hair and I’ve been put off by seeing way too many photos of terrible extensions. Therefore, when I went to the Hot Hair event a couple of weeks ago I was unsure if I would find anything that changed my mind on hair extensions and clip ins. Luckily, I did and it was love as soon as they put it in my hair!

As you can see the boho pony really suits me, they matched my hair colour perfectly and when I wear it you can’t really tell that it’s a clip in! I went for the boho pony because I wanted something a little bit more textured and less polished than the more glamorous or sleek clip ins they offer. What’s great is that the texture of the boho pony not only works really well when my hair is straight, but it also suits my naturally curly hair too!


I also love how easy these are to put in. I’m a newbie to hair extensions and clip ins, so I was expecting it to be a bit of a struggle when I put the pony in myself. Luckily, it’s a lot easier that I was expecting, all I had to do was clip the pony onto my ponytail, wrap it around and secure it with the velcro round the edge, then wrap the extra hair around the top of the pony and secure it with a hair grip. It does feel slightly heavy on my head, but it’s nothing too noticeable.
After trying this pony out, I’ve definitely been tempted into trying out more clip ins and maybe even some extensions if I’m feeling brave! I’ve also been tempted into dying my hair back to its original colour, I think it suits me a lot more that I thought previously.