How To || Perfect Mascara and Eyeliner

How To Perfect Mascara Eyeliner

I’m currently snuggled up in bed recovering from hosting the #5thViewBloggers networking event last evening with Jess (thanks to everyone who came!), so I thought today would be perfect for sharing my top tips on perfecting your mascara and eyeliner.

I’m definitely not the most ‘artistic’ person when it comes to applying my makeup, but over the years I’ve picked up quite a few great tips for getting my mascara and eyeliner perfect (well, as good as it’ll ever look when I do it!) and I thought you guys might like to hear about them.

I’ve put together a short YouTube video (which you can find below) with all my tips as well as a quick tutorial on how to apply mascara and eyeliner, how to pick the best ones for you and finally how to tidy up any mistakes you might make when applying them.

I hope you guys enjoy hearing my top tips for mascara and eyeliner, I definitely wish I had known them when I first started wearing makeup (I swear I constantly had flecks of mascara on my eyelids)!

If you enjoy how-to videos, I actually have a series of them on my YouTube channel (you can find my blog posts on them here and here) so please do have a browse through those and leave me comments if you enjoy watching!

If any of you are wondering what products I used in the video, here’s a list of each one in the order they appear:


Oops forgot to mention, if you have any video suggestions for my YouTube channel, please do pop them below, it would be great to work on some ideas suggested by you guys!