Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector and Hydrating Eye Complex

Exuviance Skincare
Sheer Daily Protector*-£33.70
Hydrating Eye Complex*-£25.90
I’ve tried a couple of Exuviance products in the past, which I loved, so when I was offered the chance to test out a couple more of their products I couldn’t resist picking these two up! I’m really into using preventative creams on my skin so of course I opted for the Sheer Daily Protector and Hydrating Eye Complex.

I love using eye creams (they really do help to reduce the dark circles I typically get!) and this one is really lovely. The cream is very thin, so it sinks in really quickly leaving my eye area feeling really refreshed. My only issue is with the applicator, it’s just a standard plastic one. I way prefer metallic or ceramic applicators for eye creams, they really help to cool and soothe the area, so it’s a shame that this cream doesn’t have one.
The second item is the Sheer Daily Protector which has an amazing SPF 50! I’m always worried that creams with a high SPF will leave my skin feeling really tacky and make it hard to apply makeup over the top. Luckily, this one is surprisingly good! It has a very runny consistency and sinks in fairly quickly without leaving my skin tacky. I’ve used this under my makeup too and so far I’ve had no problems.


Exuviance Skincare
As you can see in the photo, it does have a tint to it, but after applying it you really can’t notice it. One thing to note is that you do need to give the bottle a really good shake before applying it so that the ingredients are all well mixed.
While both of these products are towards the expensive end of the scale, they definitely are worth every penny. This is the first SPF 50 face cream I’ve found that I really love using, so I’ll definitely be re-purchasing when my bottle runs out.