Go Double Dutch at Aubaine

There’s nothing I love more than relaxing with a cocktail in hand after a particularly busy day, and as Thursday marked our first mock exam on the journalism course I was really excited to head down to Aubaine in Selfridges, Oxford Street to hear more about their collaboration with mixer makers Double Dutch.

Interestingly, the girls behind Double Dutch are Netherlands twins Raissa and Joyce de Haas  who set up the company after receiving £9,000 funding from UCL when they won their Bright Ideas Award. Their aim is to provide unique flavour combinations that expertly highlight the notes in each spirit you mix them with.

Since their launch they’ve been wildly popular and are available in over 150 London bars, restaurants and hotels, including the Dorchester and Sketch. There’s currently two mixers available – Pomegranate & Basil and Cucumber & Watermelon. This week will see the launch of a new Indian tonic water and slimline version which the twins have happily put their own twist on.
“We do want to stay focused on innovative flavours but we do recognise that we want to have a more comprehensive range of mixers so our Indian tonic water and the slimline will have a subtle twist of grapefruit and juniper,” explained Raissa.
While at the event we enjoyed taste testing their Franco Dutch cocktail (see recipe below)-a delicious combination of gin, Pomegranate & Basil mixer, Grenadine, lime juice and vanilla syrup. We were also given the chance to create our own cocktails, and while they definitely weren’t as good as the Double Dutch combinations, I think we did a pretty good job!

I went for a combination of gin, Watermelon & Cucumber mixer and passionfruit syrup while Lucy (who I dragged along to the event with me) opted for a tangy raspberry syrup instead of passionfruit. The Cucumber and Watermelon mixer went perfectly with the sharp flavours of passionfruit and raspberry and I could easily have had three (or four) of these!

We had a really lovely evening chatting to the Double Dutch girls and good news for any Winter cocktail fans-they’re launching a winter mixer with spices, including cardamom and chilli, that they think will go perfectly with darker spirits!
I for one can’t wait for it to launch so I can try my hand again at creating some new cocktail combinations. If you want to try out their mixers for yourself, get down to your nearest Aubaine and order a gin and mixer!
Franco Dutch 
50ml Diplome Gin
150ml Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil 
2 Basil Leaves
5ml Grenadine
10ml Vanilla Syrup
10ml Lime Juice
1/8th Fresh Pomegranate