Taking a minute to love yourself

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from Parks and Rec, it’s that everyone deserves a #TreatYoSelf day.
Now, as a student, I can’t exactly afford limo trips to Westfield or diamond encrusted manis but what I can afford is to take a day out every once in a while to just focus on feelng good about myself.
Too often I think we’re almost encouraged to not feel self-confident, and to criticise those who are. Seriously, how many tweets and comments have you seen about other people’s appearance, personality and success?!

Well, you know what?! There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself, your personality and the way you look.
Like most people, I spend most hours of my day tirelessly working to try to make my dreams come true. Breaking into the world of journalism, like most areas, is bloody hard.
So, every once in a while I’ve decided to have a day where I just focus on feeling good about myself.
You’re probably wondering why there’s photos of me posing in a dressing room in this post. Well, it’s because for my most recent self-love day I decided to go on a little shopping trip, not to buy anything but purely to try things on that make me feel good.


I’ve recently had a very stressful couple of weeks taking exams, so spending a couple of hours trying on pretty clothes and snapping a few selfies was actually a huge relief.
When you’re trying on clothes purely to make yourself feel good it’s actually really fun and I enjoyed pulling ridiculous poses and snapping photos I wouldn’t normally dream of for fear of being branded shallow or self-obsessed.
I think we all need to make sure we schedule time for ourselves to do what really makes us feel good – whether that’s a long walk in the countryside, belting out a few Adele tracks or pretending to be Kylie Jenner.
I’m definitely gonna stick to a few self-love days a year, after all, there really is nothing wrong with loving yourself!