I’m in wax tart heaven

Flamingo Candles Wax Tarts
I’m a big fan of wax tarts and candles, so when I spotted Flamingo Candle’s stall at the Clothes Show last weekend I couldn’t resist picking up some of their amazing wax tarts!
I got a box of eight tarts and a wax tart burner for just £10 which was an incredible deal. I thought I wold talk through the tarts I picked up and what each one smells like in case any of you want to put in an order online.
I only have seven of them in my photos because I burnt the Cinnamon Sticks tart as soon as I got in (whoops!). For any of you interested in that one, it has a gorgeous warm eggnog scent to it that’s really comforting.


Pomegranate Cider wax tart
Pomegranate Cider – I really love fruity scents and this tart is bang on. It has a delicious fresh pomegranate scent to it with a hint of ‘fizz’. I’m going to save this one for when I need a little pick-me-up.


Darjeeling Tea – This is one of the more subtle scents and it has a hint of sherbert lemons to it which I just couldn’t resist. It’s one of the fresher scents so this is definitely one I’ll be burning during the day time.


Green Apple wax tart
Green Apple – This is a very true-to-life scent and I chose it purely because I really love fresh fruity scents right now. It reminds me of the DKNY Be Delicious perfumes.


Jamaican Cafe and Walnut wax tart
Jamaican Cafe and Walnut – I have this one burning right now and it has a gorgeous blend of coffee beans, walnut and cocoa.


Blackcurrant Jam wax tart
Blackcurrant Jam – This one, like all the other fruity ones, smells good enough to eat and reminds me of berry picking at our local farm in summer.


Nutmeg & Ginger – I had to pick this tart up, purely because ginger is one of my all time favourite scents. I’m hoping this will help to keep my room feeling festive over the next couple of weeks.


Christmas Pudding wax tart
Christmas Pudding – If Christmas could be contained within one tart, this would be it. It smells exactly like a warm Christmas pudding and I think this will be the one I go for on Christmas day!


wax tart burner
Flamingo Candles actually do a subscription box for just £10 a month, and after trying these I’m really tempted to sign up so I can get to try some of their exclusive scents!
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