Reflecting on resolutions and DippyWrites turns 3!

cute beagle winter walk
I can’t quite believe I’ve been blogging for three years now, when I began my blog I was sure it was something that would only last me through Uni.
But over the years I’ve become very attached to my little corner of the internet and I can’t see myself letting it go anytime soon!

My blogging journey has come with many ups and downs – I’ve been amazed at how many good friends I’ve made over the years and, like most bloggers, disappointed when my blog’s success seems to stall. 
So what better way to celebrate a blogging milestone than by reflecting on last year’s resolutions and judging myself?! 
1.Read 12 books-I got so close to completing this one, but as I began at News Associates in September I lost a lot of my free time and reading was one of the first things I cut from my never-ending list of things to do. I managed 9 books and I’m pleased with myself for that, especially as one of them was over 1,000 pages long!
2.Get a 2:1-Very pleased to say I managed to achieve this one! Graduation was a really proud moment for me, especially as I found the last year of uni a big struggle. I fell out of love with my subject and spent much more time focused on blogging and The Tab, so I’m glad I still managed to achieve what I set out to do even without the same drive for it.
3.Take part in one twitter chat a week-I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to do this one! I might have missed a week or two, but overall I think I’ve done a good job of taking part in chats and generally being active on social media.
4.Do 2 hours of exercise a week-Totally failed this one, which is really gutting! To be honest, I’m such a yo yo when it comes to exercise, I’m either 100% committed and working out every other day or not at all. Definitely was being optimistic when I set this one haha.
5.Face tough decisions and situations-I think I’ve done a really good job of this. I feel like I’ve grown a lot in the past year, and I’m much better at facing my fears. My dad had a heart attack in Spring and it really tested my coping abilities. Luckily I managed to keep everything under control and I’m really proud of just how strong I’ve become.

6.Drink responsibly-Nope, nope nope. Did not do this!! I’ll blame it on being under lots of pressure and working my socks off. This is definitely something I’ll continually aim for and I feel that as I get older I get less and less impulsive which I guess is a good thing?
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