Meet My Blogger Squad

My five blogger friends
Since I began blogging a few years ago I’ve been lucky enough to make some really great friends. 
What I love the most about the blogging community is just how welcoming and friendly it can be.
Fellow bloggers are my first port of call when I need help or advice, and it’s incredible just how much some people know and are willing to share.

Without the group of bloggers I know and love there’s no way my blog would be as good as it is, they inspire me to improve my content on a daily basis!
As a way of saying thank you I thought I would introduce you to my blogger squad – the group of girls I’ve become closest to and learnt the most from.
Jodie Summer Outit
Out of all my blogger friends Jodie is the one I’ve know the longest and definitely the one I’m closest to. 
We met when we were both at Exeter Uni, where we hosted a blogger event together, and just this Summer we launched a magazine together !
Jodie always seems to be one step ahead when it comes to the online world, and I love learning from her (she’s convinced me that I definitely need to move over to WordPress).
We’ve covered some amazing events together, including LFW and Clothes Show, and I can’t wait to cover many more in the future.
Jess says: “I like that Jodie is super determined and always thinks outta the box in terms of being a great content creator. She really inspired me with my blogging last year and pushed me to push the boundaries in terms of content for my blog and FBL bloggers too.”

Jess Summer Outfit
Much like Jodie, Jess always inspires me to dream big with my blog and keep on going! 
I’m amazed at what she’s achieved with the FBLChat and I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of their new network this year.
I was lucky enough to work with Jess on an event in Summer and hopefully we’ll do some more soon.
I love how friendly and approachable she is and I always enjoy having a nice long catchup whenever we have the time.
Kara says: “Jess is one of those girls who you look up to especially in the blogging world, as she manages to keep up with her own blog (something we all know doesn’t always happen!) but also running the notorious fblchat.”
Georgie Autumn Outift
I met Georgie at the BigBloggerConference and immediately thought she was really cool (she’s an actress, didn’t you know!). 
We ended up going to another event after that one together and just got on like a house on fire.
I love bumping into her at events and having a good old catchup and it’s always exciting to see her popping up on my TV screen.
I can’t wait to see more of her in the new year, and if you’re looking for a new YouTuber to watch her videos are great!

Jodie says: “I love discovering blogs where I feel like I know the blogger after the first visit and Georgie’s blog does exactly that. Her blogging style is super relateable and feels like you’re listening to an old friend tell you about what she’s been up to.”
Freya London Outfit
I met Freya at an event in September and I’m so glad I did because she’s such a lovely, funny girl.
I love chatting to her, and even got the chance to write a little piece up about her blog award nomination for the local paper I was working for at the time.
I’m in awe at how professional and pretty her blog is and I can imagine it’s only going to get bigger and better.
She also has the most amazing Instagram account which you definitely need to check out, it’s all just so pretty!
Georgie says: “I love how friendly and bubbly Freya is, her energy is seriously infectious!”
KaraWillow on holiday
I’m pretty sure I met Kara at a hula hooping class for bloggers last year (which was probably one of the most fun events I’ve ever been to) and luckily since then we’ve bumped into each other at a few events.
I really enjoy spending time with Kara because she’s just so easy to talk to and such great fun!
Her travel posts always make me super envious, but it’s great being able to learn about other areas in the world via her blog.
I’m seriously impressed with all the work she’s done to break into the incredibly closed world of print magazines and if you’re looking for tips and advice on where to start her post on how she got her job at Cosmo is great!
Freya says: “I love seeing snapshots into Kara’s life through her blog. Her photos of sweet treats, beauty buys and beautiful clothes always look stunning and how she juggles a fast paced career with her blogging is seriously inspirational! “