Simple SEO Guide

Costa coffees SEO guide text
When I first started blogging the term SEO (search engine optimisation) meant nothing to me, but three years in and it’s now one of my main focuses when I’m writing blog content!
I know when I first started to learn a bit about how to improve my SEO I was completely confused, and it was only when I went to a talk on it at the BigBloggerConference that I really began to understand how to do it.

I now have a little checklist of things to do before I publish a post, and I thought it would be useful to share it on my blog for any of you who are just as confused about SEO as I was!
Choose a simple title
Step one for me is usually to choose a title for my blog post. 
While you do want to draw people in, you also need to keep it simple and to the point so it’s easier for search engines like Google to understand. 
If it’s a beauty product review, stick to the name of the product and if it’s an OOTD post stick to trends your outfit relates to or a specific event you’re wearing it to.
Write 300 words – minimum
Google prefers posts that are 300 words and over, so when you’re writing a blog post aim to write this amount as an absolute minimum. 
I usually write mine in pages so I can check the word count then copy and paste it over.
Include internal and external links
One thing that really helps to keep people on your page is internal links, ie. linking to other posts on your blog (which you’ll notice I’ve done above). 
It gives people the option to click on other content and also really helps to improve SEO when the links are kept as ‘follow’ ones. 
It’s also great to link to external sites (ie. not your own). 
If the page you’re linking to has a high domain then keep the link as a ‘follow’ one, if it’s not then go for the ‘no follow’ option.
Use a custom permalink
Permalinks don’t need to read like a proper sentence and should consist of the key words from the post, with the most important at the beginning. 
For example, a blog post title The top ten places to visit in London should have top-ten-places-visit-London as the permalink.
Add a search description
This is one most people forget about I think, but always include a search description for each blog post. 
It should be a summary of the post (it’s what appears below the link on Google search pages) and if you’re not sure what to write just copy and paste your first sentence in.
Add title text and ALT text to images
Again, this is one I often find myself forgetting, which is why it’s usually first thing I do! 
Adding title and ALT text to your images makes it easier for Google to find them, so go for short and snappy descriptions. 
The ALT text is what would be read out to someone who is visually impaired if they clicked on the image so make sure it accurately describes what you see.
The title text also describes what’s in the photo, but should be slightly different from the ALT text and include key words from your post.
scrambled eggs and salmon on toast
For example, for this photo from my blog post on brunch at Bills the ALT text could be scrambled eggs and salmon on toast and the title text could be Bills brunch salmon scrambled eggs on toast.
So that’s my simple SEO guide, I hope you’ve found this useful and please do let me know if you have any questions in the comments section!