Tocca Marrakesh Vanilla Tabak candle

Tocca candle in the box it came in
Tocca is a brand I had never heard of until I stepped into Space NK in December for a spot of Christmas shopping. 
My mum wanted to treat me to something special for Christmas, and I knew I wanted to add a luxury candle to my collection as I love burning candles and wax tarts in my room and my stock was running a little low.

When I spied the gorgeous trio of Tocca candles in Space NK I knew I had to have one for myself, the packaging is just so pretty and the scents are divine!

Tocca Marrakesh instructions on the bottom of the candle
After sniffing the three Christmas scents they had on offer I had to go for Vanilla Tabak because it’s just such a gorgeous, luxurious scent! 
I usually hate vanilla scents, but this only has a hint of it, and the main scent I get from it is a comforting sweet honey. 
Again, I usually steer clear of sweet scents, they’re normally way too overpowering for me, but this one is just gorgeous and neither too strong or too weak.

Tocca candle in the scent Vanilla Tabak
I also fell in love with this candle because of the beautiful design. I usually go for lighter coloured candles, so I really love that this one is a deep blacky navy. 
The jar is also made of a thick glass and the shape reminds me of the pleats of a skirt. 

Arial shot of the Tocca candle
The burn time for this is around 40 hours, and as I usually burn my candles for 4 hours each time, this should last me for 10 days worth of burning.
I wouldn’t normally treat myself to a luxury candle, but as I enjoy burning them so much, it was nice to go for something a little bit more expensive.
The only thing I regret is not picking another one up in the Space NK sale!