Visiting the Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea

Mequitta Ahuja painting
Living so close to London can sometimes feel overwhelming. There’s so much to explore right on your doorstep it’s often hard to figure out where to begin, but I am trying to make more effort.

On Friday I was in Kensington for a job interview (keeping my fingers crossed for that one!) and instead of scurrying home and hiding under my duvet from the harsh realities of adult life I decided to meet up with a friend and make the most of being in the area.

statue made out of clay of man with lion head
We decided to make a visit to the Saatchi Gallery – I’ve actually been to the gallery for a couple of fashion events in the past, so it was interesting to see what usually occupies the space.
I really enjoy visiting galleries, I love finding my own meaning in each piece of art and discussing it with friends.

statue of two cows made out of clay
This was probably one of my favourite sculptures at Saatchi, the cow resting its head on the other is so sweet and it reminds me of the way Atlas always rests his on my lap.

Hands with long dark sleeves protruding from wall
There were also some creepier, more thought-provoking pieces on display during our visit and something about these hands emerging from the wall really appeals to me. 
I like to think if I ever became a multi-millionaire there are the sorts of pieces I would have in my own home.
Cloaked person with only the hands visible
This was by far the most ominous sculpture….even looking at the photo now creeps me out a bit!
Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to this at the end of your corridor?!

Naked woman walking towards sitting man
It took us roughly an hour to make our way around every floor of the gallery but, to be honest, it only really felt like we were there for five minutes.
Getting lost in some amazing artwork was a really nice way to spend the evening, and I definitely want to do more cultural things in the near future, so stay tuned!