Zara Joyful Tuberose Perfume

Zara's Joyful Tuberose perfume
I’ve been a huge fan of Zara’s perfumes for many years now, mainly because of how gorgeous the scents are and how affordable they are.
I usually have a bottle on the go, and when I found my most recent favourite running out, I made a mission of finding my next favourite from their ever-changing selection.

When I’m choosing a perfume, I tend to go for scents I think will work well for both daytime and evening.
One of my previous must-have scents was Paco Rabanne Olympea purely because I found it worked so well for me as a perfume that I could wear for any occasion.
I like to be able to spritz on my perfume in the morning, and have the scent carry me through all the way until the late evening.
Luckily, Joyful Tuberose is perfect for that! While it is predominantly a floral scent, there are musky undertones that leave you with a warm, sophisticated perfume.
As a high street perfume, I wasn’t really expecting much when it came to lasting power, but this is really great!
The scent is fairly subtle, but I do find it lasts me for a good few hours before it needs topping up.
Like most Zara perfumes, this is incredibly good value for such a beautiful scent and amazing lasting power.
An 100ml bottle is just £9.99, which means I can stock up on a few guilt-free!
If you’ve not checked them out before, I really do recommend taking a look at what Zara have to offer in the perfume department.
We’re (FINALLY) getting to the end of Winter, and as Spring is coming round I’ll definitely be having a look through their newest arrivals to see if anything takes my fancy!
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