The A-Line Denim Skirt

Denim skirt outfit with head tilted to the side

I’ve been lusting over the perfect a-line skirt for quite a while now and luckily this denim H&M one (similar here) fits like a dream.

I actually picked this up a few months ago for a steal at £24.99 and I think it goes perfectly with this shimmery dark purple jumper and suede boots.

Fun fact: This whole outfit is actually from H&M, I’ve been seriously impressed with their clothing recently, and I’m pretty sure 70% of my wardrobe is H&M bargains.

Denim skirt outfit from the back

Can we take a moment to celebrate that I’m wearing my hair completely natural for the first time?

I usually wear my hair up, or at least tie some of it back, so it’s quite refreshing to let it all down and embrace the curls.

Denim skirt and shimmer top sticking tongue out

Sorry, couldn’t resist adding a (slightly) photo into this post…

Lets talk details: I really like the rose gold buttons down the front and the little pockets.

They’re actually the perfect size for my phone and mini wallet (which I use to keep my card, oyster, ID and train tickets together) which means I don’t always have to bring my bag or jacket with me, result!

Denim skirt outfit with woman looking down

I’ve been wearing these suede boots to death recently, and you’re probably sick of seeing them, but they’re just so pretty.

People are always surprised that I only paid £35 for them, and they were definitely one of my best bargains.

Denim skirt outfit makeup close up

Ignoring my very photogenic mop and bin in the background, lets focus on the makeup menu for this Denim outfit.

I went for a brown nude lipstick (as I do most days) and kept the rest simple with a swipe of liner, lashings of mascara and a dash of highlighting blusher.

Denim skirt both hands on head

My aim at the beginning of this year was to post an outfit once a week and, after failing that miserably, I am going to try and keep the outfits consistent.

I’m heading off to London Fashion Week tomorrow so expect more outfit posts very soon!