Looking after #MyWellbeing by keeping fit

Keeping active and fit has always been important to me, but with the recent switch from studying to working full-time I’ve struggled to find time to fit in my workouts!

Now that I’m a bit more settled in my routine I’m going to make more effort to work out and luckily John Lewis* sent me just the right things to keep me on track.

I’ve already started using a couple of these bits and I have to say I already feel like I’m making an improvement.

Water bottle and resistance chord

I actually don’t think I could live without a water bottle. I always have one with me, and when I’m working out a bottle this size is perfect for taking with me to the gym.

I really love the pattern on the bottle and the double walls help to keep my water cool.

I’ve never used a resistance tube before, but I’m looking forward to incorporating this one into my workouts.

I’m going to have a good search of YouTube for exercise videos using one and give it a go myself this weekend.

Spiral cutter with two options

Spiralisers shot to fame a couple of years ago and now it feels like a week doesn’t go by before someone’s banging on about some amazing courgetti meal they made.

I don’t normally buy into hype, but I’m going to give the courgetti a go using this spiral cutter and see if I can swap pasta for a healthier option.

Moov fitness tracker

Moov fitness tracker logo

Much like spiralisers, fitness trackers have also become a covetable item in the health and fitness community.

The basic idea is that it tracks you activity and sleep then reports back to you via an app.

The Moov app and tracker are really impressive and great for people like me who want to keep fit.

There are workouts it coaches you through (yes, I’ve had a robotic woman telling me to keep my arms neutral while doing crunches) but it also tracks your general activity (walking, running etc.) which is really interesting.



How do you guys keep fit? Any apps you would recommend?