Re-living my best childhood outfits

Fashion and style are both things I’ve been interested in since I can remember, and after rooting through some family albums I found some truly amazing outfits I used to wear in my childhood.

I love posting outfits on my blog, and today I thought I would switch it up and talk through some of my favourite outfits I wore when I was little.

Special shoutout to my mum for her eccentric and original clothing choices!

checked two piece outfit

How cute is this checked two-piece?! As you can see, my mum seems to have tried to match mine and my brother’s outfits, how incredibly forward thinking of her.

I was clearly on the peplum train way before it came back into fashion, iconic.

fruit pattern two piece

What’s evident from this photo is that my poses were always on point.

Once again, my mum just couldn’t get enough of the printed two-pieces but this time she went for a more fruity pattern.

Floral print jumpsuit

HOW AMAZING is this jumpsuit? I’m sure there’s many a hipster whose lusting over this right now.

I think what we can safely assume so far is that patterns were an essential in my wardrobe.

Who ate all the pies? my brother.

red shirt and curls outfit

Would a childhood fashion post be complete without a photo of me looking slightly worse for wear? no.

Here I am rocking a very androgynous look and an impressive mound of curls, definitely would wear this again.

Indian sari wedding outfit

Of course, I wasn’t just fashionable in Surrey. my style stretched across the globe.

Here I am at my sister’s wedding, notice the fresh flowers I added to my look for a contemporary feel.

baby wearing a red and blue jumper

Even as a baby, I knew what I was doing fashion-wise. I’ve kept it simple with an oversized jumper but I’ve totally been upstaged by my dad’s crazy shirt and the sinister look in his eyes……

Fun fact: I now own this shirt and love wearing it, so look out for an outfit featuring it soon!