A mini Body Shop haul

The Body Shop carrier bag

The Body Shop is a company that’s been a part of my ‘beauty journey’ since the beginning.

I have such strong memories of shopping for Christmas presents with some of my friends from Brownies and buying my Mum one of their soaps and thinking how amazing it smelt.

I guess it’s fair to say I have fond memories of the brand, so I was delighted to be given a goody bag of a few of their best products during London Fashion Week.

A selection of Body Shop products

Apart from the body butter I actually hadn’t tried any of these products before, so I was excited to test them all out and see what I thought.

I think my highlight would have to be the two mini Oils of Life samples – I use both the oil and cream in the evening before bed and my skin feels so gorgeous and nourished in the morning.

I’m looking for some new skincare products so these are now on my MUST BUY list.

A tube of the Hemp Body Shop hand cream

The cold weather have really destroyed my hands recently and the only thing that’s been able to revive them is this cream.

It’s thick, but really does work at battling dryness and, although it is a Hemp cream, the scent is really subtle and pleasant.

I’m hoping this tube will last me a while, but when I do run out I’ll definitely be picking up another one.

The Body Shop Cocoa body butter

I couldn’t put this post up without having a mini-rave about how much I love The Body Shop’s body creams.

They melt into my skin beautifully and, unlike a lot of creams, the scent actually lingers for a decent amount of time.

This is the Cocoa body butter and it’s just gorgeous – almost good enough to eat!

I’ve also got a mini sample of the strawberry scent that my brother got me for Christmas so I think I’m going to alternate between the two for now.