Re-hydrating with Timeless Truth face masks

Timeless Truth face masks

I’ve been dying to stock up on face masks recently ¬†because Winter left my skin feeling seriously de-hydrated.

Luckily, Timeless Truth were kind enough to gift me these sheet masks* to try out and after using the Apple one I’m keen to get my hands on some more.

As you can see above, I was given three masks to test out: the Apple Collagen mask, Hydra Intense eye mask and Multi-peptide eye mask.

Timeless truth eye masks close up

First off, I really love the packaging of these.

The great thing about individually packaged sheet masks is that it makes them easy to pop in your bag for a quick pampering session if you’re having a long weekend away.

I find face masks that come in a tube or tub and absolute pain to transport around, and I never get round to finishing them, so individual sheet masks are much more practical for me.

Timeless Truth instructions back mask

The face masks come with instructions on how to apply them.

Sheet masks can be a bit tricky to apply, so I found these really useful.

That said, I still did struggle a bit to get this on my face.

There was protective material to remove from both sides of the mask, and the actual sheet was incredibly slippery making it really tricky to apply properly to my face.

Timeless Truth mask on

As you can see in the (terrifying) photo above, I did eventually manage to get the mask on (althought there are some creases in it) and the gel texture of the product used on the sheet was really soothing.

I relaxed in my room catching up on a spot of TV (I thought it was best to avoid walking around my house and scaring my family) and when it came time to remove the mask I simply peeled it off.

Afterwards, I gave my skin a gentle cleanse then applied my usual facial oil and moisturiser.

While I didn’t notice any dramatic differences in the appearance of my skin immediately after using the mask, it was nice to pop one on and relax for a bit.

If you’re looking for some sheet masks to try, check out Timeless Truth’s here.