Treating myself at Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols shopping bags

A couple of weeks ago I made a visit to Harvey Nichols for their Future of Beauty event with Marie Claire.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but I really enjoyed listening to a couple of talks and *accidentally* made a few purchases.

Anyone with the Harvey Nichols app was given a goody bag and, as I downloaded it the day before, I managed to pick one up!

Marie Claire makeup

As you can see, an impressive amount was included in the goody bag.

I bought the Benefit Shy Beam and MAC lipstick myself during the event, but everything else in the picture was included.

I’ve tried a couple of the fragrances included and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

The YSL mascara is also great and I’m tempted to pick up a full sized one soon!

The May issue of Marie Claire was also included in the bag and it was nice to get my hands on it before it was released into shops.

I still really enjoy reading print magazines and Marie Claire is one of my favourites.

MAC Have Your Cake lipstick MAC Have Your Cake label


Can you believe this is the only MAC lipstick in my collection?!

I used to own a few, but threw them out after a year or so of using them.

Now that the weather’s perked up a bit I’ve been loving this bright purple-pink on my lips.

The finish is matte and it looks amazing with a dusting of bronzer and a few coats of mascara.

Benefit Shy Beam highlighter

I’ve been looking for the perfect subtle highlighter and I think this one is it!

Amy did my makeup for me on the Benefit counter and after she applied this to my cheekbones I was convinced I needed it. Urgently.

It’s a pretty pearl pink that gives just a hint of highlight on your cheekbones which is perfect for adding dimension to my face.

I’ve still got a few bits to try from the goody bag and I can’t wait to give the Dermalogica cleanser a go.

I’ll keep you updated on if any of these turn into full-sized purchases.